Monday, September 18, 2017


Today, is a very special day, it's my birthday! Well, that's very childish and funny and silly, that I am calling my birthday as special and announcing it myself! But why I call it as special, because, I would love to share a recipe of my mom, today, which is totally traditional, authentic and many people would have forgotten it, and am sure would definitely remember their mom today, and call her or visit her and ask her to make it!

Since it's my birthday, my Mom, always used to call me, send me messages, first thing in the morning, after I came to this country! Before that, it was a very special day for her, she used to be so excited, busy in making some 3-4 sweets (desserts), since I have a sweet tooth, gave me oil bath, and surprise me with gifts....!

But this calls, no's only silence! Its more than a year she left me and 3 months ago my Dad left me....making me and my brother, all alone in this whole wide world! Well, we both are grown up, individuals, married, with kids, my brother holding a high position job....but still we are kids to our parents and we miss them and we love them!

Today I want to express my gratitude, my love, my respects to my Mom, who was wonderful, amazing, caring, loving, giving, selfless and very very kind and forgiving! And many more amazing qualities she had which I don't find right words to express!

This recipe is very traditional, and very healthy, since it has to be eaten before you start the main course. It helps in digestion and its very good for all stomach ailments. It's very simple to make, yet in this time and age, people would have forgotten the most yummy, healthy dish!

Since today is my B'day, I thought of sharing a recipe of my Mom, and also my way showing tribute to the most wonderful Mom and my way of saying thank you for everything, what ever good I am today, is only because of you! And its a way of saying, I miss you Amma.......

So here goes the recipe, am sure you will call your Mom today, and ask her to make it or if you are far from her, you will make it and call her to say that, "somebody had posted this on blog, Amma, I remember how you used to make it when we were kids and today I tried and I just love it, as before"!!

But "if" there are unlucky ones like me, who have lost their mothers, will definitely try this, as I did and cherish the old memories, down the lane....! Love you Amma!

It's called as Tambuli! Its a yogurt based dish, which helps in digestion and stomach ailments. It's done with different variety of greens, or ginger. The most common type of Tambuli is made of Doddapatre, which is known as Big Thyme, well, I googled since I was not aware of what Doddapatre is called in english. It has a very very unique smell and taste, which is very good and helps in digestion.

But Doddapatre or Big Thyme is not available here, or atleast I have not seen, so I tried with Ridge gourd peel, which is very good for IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome)!

I forgot to take a picture of Tambuli, next time when I make it, will post the picture!


Ridge gourd Peel or ginger or doddapatre - one cup
Cumin - 1 Tea spoon
Black Pepper-4-5, or according to tolerance of black pepper
(Green chillies - 3/4 or according to taste)
Ghee-1 Teaspoon
Coconut-1/4 cup grated
Yogurt/curd-1/2 cup or desired consistency


You can add either Black pepper or Green chillies, if pepper is used, add it after you put cumin, else you can add Green chillies later.

In a small pan, heat the ghee, and add cumin, after the aroma comes, add black pepper, add either ridge gourd peel,ginger or doddapatre and on a slow heat, fry until it slightly changes color and then add green chillies and coconut, and fry for 2 mins and transfer it to the mixer. Once it cools down, grind it with little water, to a smooth paste. Add yogurt and salt to the paste and mix well. Tambuli is ready to eat!! Its neither should be very runny consistency nor very thick as chutney. Before you start eating your meal, mix Tambuli with hot rice and enjoy and good health!

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