Monday, July 10, 2017


It's been a while I posted a recipe.  Today I got into mood of writing the blog.  Exposure always makes you learn new things, enhance your knowledge and thinking. But I say, that, not all kinds of exposure will result in positive way! Certain kinds of exposure gives and leaves negative impacts on life!

As I had to visit India 2-3 times a year since my parents were unwell, last couple of years, I have been observing that there is increase of hospitals in almost every street, which is not an exaggeration! Every street one "Multi speciality hospital" has popped up! Every street has pharmacy, which in India we call as 'Medical store', and all hospitals are specialized in almost every areas! Which I feel is the result of our people getting exposed to different cuisines, life styles, multi national companies(MNC), and high amount of stress!

What Multi National Companies has to do with increase in hospitals, question would come up! Yes, right form the final year degree of college, students will be interviewed to different companies and immediately after graduation, would have a job, and salary in some 6 figures, per month!

As kids live with parents in India, even while working, or even if they get a job out of their city, they do not have any responsibility nor parents would expect to send any money, all their salary would be "pocket money"! So here comes the exposure!

They are young and have money!!!! So like to explore different life styles, eat out every day..which is the result of many illnesses which was not heard in India, now has become common and people are getting those illnesses at a young age!

And even alternate medicine is getting its popularity and its high in demand and a tough competition to Alopathy! The claim that there is no side effects and garuntees 100% cure!

For example few years back nobody heard or knew about Thyroid issue! There are two types, hypo and hyper! Thyroid is a gland which controls metabolism and if the gland is under active or over active causes sever issues! And the irony is within 5-6 years, I hear every other person having this issue and there is both allopathy and alternative medicine avlaible! I saw a small clinic, in one of the residential areas, which had a board saying, "specializes in Diabetes, Hypertesnion and Thyriod issues"!!!!

There were days when Bangalore had only few big hospitals and very few clinics, where you could find General physicians! And those clinics would be busy only in winter or rainy seasons, as people would complain of cough/cold/fever! Other than that nothing major was seen! And illnesses was heard only in older people!

But now even small kid is exposed and can get anything! Which is a scary situation! But people are aware of these and there are Gym and Yoga centers becoming popular too! But the funny part is, they are aware of these illness still they are attracted and lured to different things and still want to be healthy, so they go to Gym and Yoga! Hopefully people will draw a line and start to balance between life styles changes and health!

So to start with, let's go back to our old traditions and food, which was always healthy and kept us happy! Today I would like to share the yummiest dessert, which is mostly or can say, it's only done in South India! It's called Sajjappa! It's a tradtional dessert done mostly in festivals.

It's my mom's bestest recipe and it's my most favorite, she used to do the best Sajjappa! I could eat 4-5 of them at a time! And today my kids love them and asked me to learn! Though I haven't tried yet making, the above picture is from my mom's kitchen. Which I could not wait to share with you, especially today! Today, marks one year! My mom passed away, so I would love to share her's most yummiest, dessert with you all ,in fond memory of hers! She used to always make it for me! Hope you will try to make it and I bet you would love it! So here goes, the recipe!


Chiroti Rava (fine soji rava) a- 1 cup
Filling: (Hoorna)
Grated coconut- 1 cup
(Both dry and raw)
Jaggery -1 cup
Cashews- optional

In a bowl mix, chiroti rava and 3-4 table spoons of oil, a pinch of salt adding water as requiredto a firm dough and keep it aside for 2-3 hours.

Mix both dry and raw coconut (vana kobri and hasi kai thuri) equally, half cup each and grind it in the mixer. In a pan mix the grounded coconut and jaggery and keep stirring on a low heat, until it leaves the pan sides and mix well and become hoorna and you can add finely chopped cashews now.

Allow it to cool.

Now knead the dough well and roll it with the rolling pin into medium circles, of poori size. Keep a big spoon full of the hoorna and close it on all sides and again roll it into circles. Heat oil in a deep frying pan and make sure the oil is hot and deep fry into slightly golden brown. Now your yummiest  Sajjappa is ready to eat! My mom used both coconuts and grinder first so that, the filling( hoorna) will be firm and not liquidy since its deep fried. Make sure the hoorna is not liquidy else, the it will open up, while frying and you cannot use the oil.

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