Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whole Wheat Vegetable Rotti

   It's been a while that I blogged, actually I was acting in a movie called "Life, after Tornado"!  I know you will be so surprised and have lot of questions - is that my new hobby or when did I take up acting and what kind of movie is it and who else is there in that movie.........!!

  Well, I was hoping and thinking that the events which happened in my life, in past few months, sounded like a movie that's the reason I wrote I was acting in a movie!  I wish that it was a movie, which is going to end in 3 hours(if it is a Bollywood movie), but it continued for a while and now I am hoping that it's all over and I could have some peace!  That's the reason I wrote "Life after Tornado", because I am feeling that I was caught in the tornado!

 But because of all my caring, affectionate reader's best wishes, life is getting back on track and so today I thought to blog and share my feelings, also my new kind of recipes which are heart healthy and low in carbohydrates!

 I was reading some where that, how kids feel about their age 10 they feel, their parents are awesome and best, at 20 they start to think that their parents are no good and cannot do anything, at 30 they start to think and wonder, how did our parents do everything, managing career, kids,home, finances, at 40 they feel, they cannot live without their parents....!!  It's the age that makes them feel that way, and as and when they grow up and face the world, then they start to recognize their parents!!

 Now I am a "good artist/awesome cook, look beautiful and best est in the whole world, according to my kids!!!! They just like what ever I do and I keep wondering about all the awards they give me, which no one has ever told about me in my entire life, well, except my mom!!

 So that's the motivation I get to move on and do things more and more to please them and make them happy!

 I keep trying to do different things and this time I started to cook healthy, low in carbohydrates and love to share them with you! My goal is just because it is low in carbohydrates and almost no or low fat, it should not sound horrible or scary, but it should sound interesting and encouraging!  And also I do not think that there are only a few recipes which are healthy and just because you are on diet, you got to sacrifice the food you used to eat all your life!  You can eat the same thing, with little bit of variations and changes to the same recipes! So I will keep adding new healthy recipes but will not name them specially under "healthy or heart healthy" recipes, since I like to prove that, any recipe can be low in carbohydrates or fat, with little changes made to that recipe.

 So here goes totally healthy and very low in carbohydrate and very low in fat, yet tastes very yummy at the same time.  This recipe is my brother's and it came out very well, yesterday when I made them! My husband loved it very much and I thought to share the recipe with you today, and also a way of saying thank you to my dearest brother, who is such a wonderful person, wishing him Happy Father's Day! So here goes the recipe!


1 Carrot
1 Small cucumber
1 Small white radish
1 Big onion
5-6 Green Chillies(or adjust according to taste)
3/4 Spoon non fat yogurt
6 Tbsp Whole wheat flour
Salt(according to taste)
1-2 Tsp of Oil


  Grate carrot,cucumber,and white radish.  Cut onions into small pieces. Cut green chillies.  In a bowl, add grated carrot,cucumber,white radish,cut onions,green chillies and add yogurt and salt and add one by one tbsp of whole wheat flour and mix well with the other ingredients in the bowl.  One important thing is, there is no need to add water to mix the dough, since there will be enough water in the vegetables itself. And also wheat flour is sticky, so make sure you do not add water at all!

 Now take some dough and make a small ball and start pressing it from your four fingers on a pan until you make a thin, circle of the dough.  And cook that on a medium flame, it takes little long time to cook.  Add a little oil on all the sides and cook on both sides nicely.

 Now the "tarkari godhi rotti"(Godhi means wheat) is ready to eat.  It can be served with mint chutney.  Since it has green chillies it tastes good even without any chutney!

  I use the whole wheat flour to make it more healthier and wheat flour gets stickier so need to be very careful while adding the flour to the veggies.  I just added a pinch of salt since wanted to cut down on salt intake in a day! Still it tasted very good!

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