Friday, June 24, 2011

Cracked Wheat Idlis

  My daughter graduated from Kindergarten to 1st Grade!! And her school had "Moving Up Ceremony" and we were invited to the ceremony.  All the kids were given a chance to sing, individually and share their favorite day in Kindergarten! The Principal of the school spoke and praised the teacher for her excellent work!  It was very well organized and teacher had put lot of effort to train the kids and all the kids did very well.  Teacher, parents and kids looked so happy.

  My husband said, what ever they do in this country, they do with their heart, that's why they are happy, they really like and enjoy what they do, but this is not the same thing in our country(India)!

 Well, it cannot be just said in one sentence that, it's not same in India!  There are lot of factors, reasons, for that, so considering all those we need to make statements or judgements! So let me try to put my thoughts here, why it's not same in India!

  A man, who is the sole bread winner of the house, has to work so hard to meet ends, and take care of the entire family, family here, means, his aged parents, wife, kids, and if any unmarried sisters or studying or unemployed brothers. So how can he be happy and content in life, always he would be worried and running around to see what best he can do for the family? Where will he find time to celebrate and enjoy the precious moments in his life?

  And he would naturally expect his kids to do very well in life, since he has faced harsh realities in life!  So from day one, from kindergarten, kids are expected to score best, so that they can get into a good high school and then to a very good college and get the degree, and through that, they will be able to get a good, rewarding job.

 So to achieve that goal, kids need to work so hard, they are always under constant pressure of studying hard and scoring the highest marks! There is so much of competition, that, kids are really under pressure and tense all the time. Even if a kid has scored 93% marks in 10th grade (we call 10th Standard in India), but if the cut off percentage to enter into a good college is 94%, then that kid's future is gone!!!!

 93% is such a highest score and to reach that level, the kid must have really worked hard and still if he is not able to get into his desired college or does not get his desired subject to study, all the years he has spent in studying so hard would be such a waste!

 Scores are so very important to get into a good college and only getting into a good college can land you in getting a good, rewarding job!  So it's a loop.

   The system is like that, the culture is different, so how can you just say that "things are not same in India"! And how can kids be happy when there is so much of pressure on them to study hard?  How can a parent be happy and content, when there is social, financial pressure on them?  How can we expect a teacher to be happy, when there is a chance that, teaching may not be his desired profession or he might be having a hard time, in his life too?

  So under these circumstance nobody appears to be happy or content, since parents, kids, and teachers would be worried and tense to reach their goals.

  Not even a single day, my daughter was tense or stressed in doing her school homework, and the homework would be just one sheet of paper, either to trace a alphabet or color a picture or write from 1 to 5, numbers, which my daughter would do in less than 10 minutes.  There was no mid term tests or final examination.  So there was no pressure on her at all.

  I have just tried to put some light on the aspect of Indian culture and educational system, and hope you agree with my thought process.  Indian culture, education system, values, traditions, caste system is very huge and it's a very vast subject, which cannot be covered in my blog, I just tried to discuss a few aspects of it and hope that you got some idea and hoping that my husband will agree with my views!

  As I was writing in my previous blog, that, I am doing a lot of healthy cooking these days, so today I like to share a very low in carbohydrate but still tasted delicious.  Rave Idlis can be done with broken or cracked wheat, still it tastes very yummy.  I did it from scratch and I want to share the recipe with you and like to remind you, that, there is no need to sacrifice your favorite food, just because you are on diet. A little variation in the recipe can be made to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fat, still can make the best!  So here goes, the cracked wheat idils, please try this and enjoy!


1 Large cup cracked wheat(makes 12 idlis)
1/2 Cup non fat yogurt
5-6 green chillies(Or adjust according to taste)
few coriander leaves
few curry leaves
1 Tsp oil
1/4 Tsp mustard seeds


  In a deep pan, fry cracked wheat, until you get the aroma, you cannot see the color change, since cracked wheat is light brown and keep it aside.  Whisk yogurt and add little water, if the yogurt is thick.  Non fat home made yogurt will not be thick.  Mix yogurt to the fried cracked wheat and set aside the idli batter for one and half an hour to soak well, in yogurt.

  After one and half an hour, heat oil and add mustard seeds and once it starts to splutter, add green chillies and curry leaves and add to the idli batter.  Add salt to taste and coriander leaves and mix well.

  Then pour the batter into the idli maker and steam in the cooker for 10-11 minutes.  Serve hot idlis with chutney or saagu and enjoy!

  The cracked wheat needs to be soaked in yogurt so that it becomes soft and it needs to be steamed for 10-11 minutes, since it takes little longer time, than regular Rava idlis, to cook.

 I had made onion-potato saagu, for this idlis, but I had used just a half of potato since potato is not good for weight watchers! You can get the recipe of the saagu, under my "Saagu,curries" label, that's the little variation I made, so did not miss out on saagu. Instead of regular Rava, I used cracked wheat, that's the little variation I made so that do not have to miss on eating idlis.  For chutney also, instead of coconut you can make it with onions-channa dal and totally avoid coconut but still it tastes yummy.

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