Wednesday, January 26, 2011


    I came to this country in December! So December means freezing cold,snow!  One after noon, it was snowing, and my husband took me out for a walk, in the snow, to have an experience of walking in the snow!  After few blocks we walked I just hated, because the wind was blowing so heavily that, the snow was coming to my face, making me feel miserable and I made a fuss to get back home!

 Well, that's the last day I went out when it was snowing! At that time we were in apartment, so there was no need for us to clean the snow.  I used to watch from my kitchen window, people who were shoveling the snow and used to feel amazed how could they do that!  After couple of years, we moved to an independent house, where you need to mow the lawn and shovel the snow, on your drive way and walk way!

  But as soon as we moved to this house, we met with an accident and I took long time to recover and after that I had kids, so I did not get a chance to shovel the snow!  My husband did it all the time, all these years!

  Last couple of week ago, my husband was not well, he had fever, cough and he was really sick and it snowed!!!!  Well, it was the time of duty calling! All night it had snowed and I was the first one to wake up early in the morning and still kids and my husband were sleeping.  Also they had closed the school because of the weather conditions!

 So I came downstairs, and dressed up myself with jacket,cap,glows,snow shoes and went out and opened the garage door!

 Oops!  Well it was 6 inches of snow! I just took a deep breath and looked around in the garage and found the hand snow shovel, and started to shovel!  All these years, I did not even bother to look how to shovel the snow nor I asked my husband how to do it!

  I started pushing the snow and lifting it up with the shovel and putting it away....!  That way I cleaned half of my drive way and found that it was totally impossible to keep cleaning that way! My hands and shoulders started hurting and I was feeling very cold.

  I came back to garage, and by this time I had made up my mind, not to give up!  So I looked around and saw the snow blower!  I just accidentally pressed some button I guess and it started!

 Well, now I figured it out how to start the snow blower and I took it out and started shoveling, thinking that my life was saved!  But no, I felt hard in pushing it back and forth and since it was 6 inches it took long time to do it.  And by this time, I had figured it out how to do it and in between I also did in hand shovel and it has been 2 hours since I started cleaning the snow!

 My neighbour, then came out, to clean his drive way and saw me cleaning and said, "Wow, for the first time, you have done a great job, and now do not bother cleaning the side walk, I will clean it for you, you can now switch on the Van and car for 10 min's and the snow on the car and van will melt because of heat".

  I thanked him and came inside the house to take the keys of van and car and my husband had just woke up and was wondering where I have gone early in the morning!

 And he was totally surprised and shocked that I had already cleaned the snow!  He felt bad that I had to do it!  But I was so glad that I was able to do it and wondered myself that I did it!

  And well, mother nature, I guess is so happy about me, cleaning the snow, that from then on, it's been snowing every other day!!!!!  And since my husband has to travel for work, I have been cleaning and getting better at it each and every time I do it........!

 And this morning, I cleaned when it was snowing, and it was little windy also, the snow flakes going to my mouth and eyes and when I went inside the house, my elder daughter said "Oh, amma(Mommy), you had snow shower"?  Snow was all over me!!!!!

    And it's been 10 years now, when first time I hated, when the snow flakes went into my eyes and mouth and I totally stopped going out when it was snowing, and today I shoveled the snow, when it was was remembering my resolution of not going out in snow, ten years ago.......and felt that, life and experiences can make anything and everything out of you, whether you are willing or not!  My daughter has to go to school, I need to go out for shopping, library, with the it's so essential that I have to clean the snow, I cannot sit at home, not doing anything, not trying out anything.

  Certain things become compelled or necessary or part of your life, though you may not have thought or may not have imagined doing it one day!

  So as I went down the memory lane of 10 years about snow..........the same way, I went down the memory lane of 15-20 years ago, when my mom used to make yummy,sweet,spicy,deep fried snacks for the evening times, where we used to enjoy it so much eating that, either watching a movie or reading a book......!

  Recently we had been to a store where we can get both spicy/sweet/salt snacks and we got couple of them, thinking kids might want to try it.  One of them was "Shankarpolli", its a deep fried snack, which can be made both spicy and sweet.  We got the sweet one and both my daughters liked it!

  And then I went down the memory lane, where my mother used to do it, a lot, both the spicy and the sweet ones and store it in big containers and me and my brother used to always enjoy it and eat it until its finished totally!

 So thought, why not try making that at home, so I called my mom and got the recipe and made it!  It came out very nice, and my daughters enjoyed it and am glad that they liked it!  So today I would like to share the yummy recipe of "Shankarpolli", of my mom's and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!  So here goes the recipe!


All purpose flour or Maida flour  1 cup
Sugar  6-8 spoons
Butter  1/3 cup
Oil for deep frying


   If sugar is crystal, then make it powder in the mixer, but here the sugar is powdered, it looks like salt, so I did not need to powder them.

  Mix powdered sugar to all purpose flour or maida flour.  Then add butter and mix it thoroughly.  And add little water to it and make it a dough, and the dough should not be sticky, so add very little water while mixing and if you require more you can add more.

  Take a small piece from the dough and roll it by the rolling pin,as you do for chapathi or poori.  Make sure you do not roll too thin or too thick.

  Now make marks either using a knife or from the edge of a sharp ladle, or you can use pizza cutter, if you have, I used pizza cutter, to cut into small square shapes.  Well, its traditionally diamond shaped, but since this was my first attempt, I did not get the diamond shape, but I made square shapes.

  Now heat oil for deep frying.  Once the oil is hot enough, put the small square or diamond shapes and fry them until golden brown.

 Now do the same thing for the rest of the dough,rolling them,cutting them and deep frying them!  Enjoy as a evening snack with your family!

  The spicy one is the same method, except, instead of sugar, you put salt to taste and red chili powder to taste and mix them with butter and water and the rest is the same method!  I have not tried the spicy one, will try it soon! Enjoy!

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