Monday, September 12, 2011

Brown Basmathi Rice Masala Dosa

  I was missing, blogging, so today I thought I should just blog and say hello to all of you!  The journey of duty,responsibility,fun,joy,stress,tension,happiness, content,proud begins the moment you become a parent! And it grows as and when the kids grow up, and at certain point you will even feel that, days, months and years passes by so fast that you would not have gotten a chance to sit and take a deep breath!

  But it's a wonderful journey and I am sure every parent would enjoy and feel content and proud of this beautiful journey.  Today I like to share the fun part of this beautiful journey with you, and hoping to put a smile on your face.

  My elder daughter started to go to full time school and my younger one now has more time to spend with me, though she goes for two days of preschool in a week.  So couple of days ago, I was vacuuming the floors and my younger one came running to me and said,  "Amma,(mom) I see a cat on our deck", which sounded very unusual and I immediately went and saw, two little kittens, sitting near the plant stand and looking towards our deck door!

  They were really cute and very little.  So I told my daughter "Oh, they are kittens, guess they need some milk, that is why they are looking at us"!  But she said immediately "No, they are not kittens, they are baby cats"!  Ok, I stand corrected myself as "baby cats"!

 I asked her, "Do you think, we should give them some milk?"  And the moment I finished my question, I was shocked and surprised about myself, asking that question!  I am never ever a pet person, nor liked any cats or kittens or dogs.  And it sounded so weird coming out of me, to give some milk to the kittens! I have never done that in my life nor that kind of thought came to me.

  Actually in India, cats are not considered as auspicious and there are lot of beliefs(superstitious) about cats!  If you see a cat as soon as you wake up in the morning, something bad is going to happen on that day or if a cat passes in front of you while you are walking or driving, something bad is happening to you! So if you are one unlucky person to see a cat one morning, then on that day, you will feel miserable and scared thinking that something bad is going to happen on that day, like, if you are working, you may fear that you might be yelled for some reason by your boss, or if you are a student, you might fear, your teacher might yell at you or might fail in the test..........!  But nothing might happen on that day, but you yourself would have made it miserable, thinking that something will happen!

  And in India it's so easy to see a cat, anytime and any where.  So even I believed in that and I used to bend my head as much as I can, when I used to go out early in the morning, so that I may not have an encounter of eye to eye with a cat! Sounds so funny now.

 So with this kind of opinion about cats, and now you can imagine, why I felt so weird about myself that, I wanted to give them milk, when I saw them on my deck, that too in the morning!

 I never bothered to look at them nor appreciated if they were cute.  But that day I took some time to study them and see how they are!  Well, that is because my younger one was so excited to see the kittens, well "baby cats" and there was a minute to minute report on what they were doing and how they were sitting.

 I was cleaning up the house, my daughter keep running from the deck door to me, back and forth to describe, that, they were black and white baby cats and they were licking themselves and they yawned, they stretched, they are sleeping, they are waiting for us to feed them milk and after sometime, her imagination started working!

 She started to tell "Amma(mom), they like me, they want me to come and play with them, one baby cat, asked me can I come inside and do coloring with you..."!!!!

 By that time I was tired of telling "Wow, really, good, that's so cute"!!!!  So I just went and closed the blinds, so that there will be no further report of those "baby cats"!

  I always wondered what would my younger daughter become when she grow up and now I know, she will become a very good CNN, news reporter!  She can describe, and also put her own imagination to the news and report so well, that, even for all these years, when I believed that cats are not even good to take a look at them, thought of feeding them, today!  Like the CNN reporters, who do a great job, in reporting and covering whether it is hurricane news or about economy or how are things after 9/11.......!  So in the same way, guess my daughter will be a reporter one fine day!

 It's not that I believe in reading horoscope but now and then I do take a look on my MSN daily horoscope and I only feel content if there is something positive or good forecast for that day!  And I so happened to look some 10 days ago and had read that "I should start thinking of bringing a pet to the house, since I need some change and new people in my life, now that I am capable of showing love and affection, not just to family and friends, I need a pet"!!!!!!

 Well, the feeling of feeding those kittens was because of my stars influence or my little reporter's influence.....don't know yet!

  As I told you in my previous blogs, that I want to make it possible, just because you are on diet, you do not need to sacrifice on the favorite food you eat and a few changes to the recipe can make it more healthy and yet you can eat your favorite food.  So here I am, tried once again, with Brown Basmathi rice to make Masala dosa and it turned out to be awesome and it tastes very yummy and you will not know that the dosa is made from Brown rice, until you are told.

 So here goes the recipe, hope you will try and enjoy, as much as my husband did.  It is masala dosa recipe, but in the picture you see as "plain dosa", since, I just wanted to make sure that, it comes out well and then make onion-potato curry for masala dosa.  As you see in the picture, you will not find any difference in the dosa, it looks same, as the regular dosa, made with white rice but the batter will not look white, it looks little cream color.  One important tip is, please try this with Brown Basmathi rice, since the regular brown rice dosa, did not come up well.


1 Cup Brown Basmathi Rice
1/3 Cup Urad Dal
1 fist full Pooha and channa dal
1 table spoon of Fenu greek seeds (Methi seeds)


  Soak brown basmathi rice and methi seeds together and the rest of the ingredients separatley in water for 6-8 hours and grind to a fine paste, brown basmathi rice and methi seeds and then add the rest of the ingredients and grind to fine paste.

  Keep the batter to ferment for 8-10 hours and the dosa batter is ready!  You can make onion-potato curry and chutney for the dosa.

 Heat the pan and pour the batter and spread and if I make in non stick pan, I use 1/4 Tea spoon of oil or no oil to make dosa.  It comes out very well and tasty. And you can see that dosa will be brown on the other side, then you can add a spoon full of onion-potato curry and fold the dosa and serve hot, with chutney.  If you do not want to make the curry, you can just make plain dosa and eat with chutney or chutney podi and enjoy!

 Please see the recipe of onion-potato recipe in my regular masala dosa recipe.


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