Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anna Kesari Bath

This would be my first recipe to start with and I would love to start with a dessert. We Indians calls dessert as "sweets"! I have a sweet tooth and my mom makes yummy desserts. Among all I love her's Kesaribath. That dessert even today she makes it on my birthday even I am far away from her and used to do it often when I was small girl. So here goes the recipe, I hope you enjoy it too as much as I do even today!

1 cup Rice (I preffer sona masuri)
1 1/2 cup Sugar
4-5 Green Cardamoms
Few strands of Safforn (kesari,which is available in Indian stores)
3 Tbs of Ghee
Few Cashewnuts
2-3 Cloves


Soak Safforn in very little warm water. Grind cardamoms to fine powder. Then cook rice with 2 cups of water in the pressure cooker. Take a non stick kadai or a dish, put sugar and very very little water and put them on a medium heat, when sugar starts to desolves, mash safforn and add to the syrup. And when sugar gets compeletly dissolved and the syrup starts to boil,you can see bubbles. Put 2 tbs of ghee and immeditely add rice and stir fast,and while adding rice,you can reduce the heat. And make sure that there are no lumps of rice and mix it thoroughly. And once the rice is mixed well, add cardamom powder and take it off from the heat immeditely,so that the rice does not becomes hard. Now in a seperate pan,heat one tbs of ghee and fry cashewnuts,cloves and add that to the kesaribath and enjoy!

Tips: If you add lot of water to the sugar,the syrup does not becomes thick and the kesaribath will become liquidy.

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  1. This anna kesari bath is the perfect ending to a nice filing meal.....