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Paddu or Gundponglu or Panyiaram

Hope all my blog readers and well wishers are doing good!  Don't know why I am bit sad today!  There was nothing to watch on TV while having my lunch today!  It was so much part of my day, and looking forward to that moment, where I used to watch this Regional Television serial and got attached and went little beyond "liking" that serial!  I went to India, in January this year and there my mom and everybody in family were watching that show, which used to come in 7.30 PM and thats how I got hooked on to that! It's a Kannada(one of the South Indian language) serial,  and it had started from last October and I could easily catch up, since my mom told the story!

After coming back from India, I continued watching the serial here, where I have an option of watching "video on demand", any time I want.  So I choose to watch at my lunch time, since I hate to eat alone, at least TV is a good companion!  Both my kids and husband would not be around at my lunch time, which is kind of peaceful time for me to watch my show!! 

For me to watch a TV serial, the story, the characters, acting, dialogue, put it in one word, it has to be "perfect"!  And it should create "chemistry" between me and the characters!  And I am sure you will be thinking, it's hard to find "perfect" one like that!  Hmm....I agree to some extent, but there are very few serials which really meet that "perfect" title!  And this Kannada serial, I can say, was one of them!  And the main characters were new, fresh, young and all the senior actors, were well known actors!  The language and acting was brilliant, as well as the plot and the story was very unique!  Many scenes I would just feel, oh it has happened my house also and it was so natural! 

Well, I think I created quite a curiosity for my readers as to what it could be!  So let me try to put the whole story, in couple of paragraphs, and see if that shows some justice to the whole one year length of serial!!??

The hero of the story, comes from a rich family who has a mom,dad and grandfather,  and he is a journalist and very passion about what he does and very fun, full of life, enthusiastic!  He meets a girl, and falls in love with her, for her simplicity and decides to marry her!  She is 5 years older to him, and comes from a poor family with mom, 2 sisters and dad who had left them when they were young and comes back after 20 years!!  She would be struggling hard working as a teacher to take care of the family and not interested in anything in life, since she has a past!! She liked a guy 8 years ago and got pregnant and the guy would have refused to marry her saying his career was important!  She would have decided to have baby, and when the baby was born, it was a girl born without one leg, handicap!  So the mother of the girl decides to hide the fact of the baby being alive, and admit the baby in orphanage and tells the girl that her baby was dead when it was born!

So thats the reason she would not be interested in anything and the "hero" and refuse to marry him!  But the hero's dad, would convince her to marry,then she tells her story, still then he wants her to marry, his son and asks her not to tell the story to him!!!!!  She is being forced to get into this marriage, unable to tell the truth to her husband, who loves her like crazy and to an extent of not even he cares to know whether she loves him or not! He assumes she loves him!! There are many twists and turn to the story, where society and the Hero's mom would refuse her initial to accept her, since she is elder to him and she also struggles with her past story, haunting her, making her guilty all the time! Then comes the guy whom she had loved 8 years ago, into her life, well not directly! He becomes, Minister for the state and becomes close friend with her husband!! She avoids and struggles not to meet him, when ever her husband wanted to introduce to the "minister"! And her daughter who is in orphanage, comes to her city, looking for her and her mom tries and struggles hard, that daughter does not meet the girl! The minister adopts the girl, but still always wants to meet her mother! Well, this is the main story, but there are many other plots and characters, who have their stories, which are connected to the main story!

When the whole serial was running nicely, and story was in the peak, with lot of emotions, complications, unsolved or never can solve kind of issues......with awesome meaningful songs, awesome acting,expressions, language......suddenly there came a news one fine day, that the serial is going to end!!!!!!!! What!!!!!! That was the expression, every viewer had!

This is an era of technology, well let me put it this way, this is an era of Facebook!!!! Hahaha, everybody on this earth are on Facebook!  So all our favorite television actors and updates about the serial was all over the Facebook and there is lot of fan following, commenting on the serial....which I used to read it and as well follow their comments and views and felt OMG people have taken it so seriously and appreciates the serial so very much! But neither the Channel guys or the responsible people of the serial, like Director/story writer said a word about why the serial is going to end, abruptly of course!

But the girl, "Heroin" of the serial, wrote about the issues going on from a long time, with the production house, not treating the actors/technicians properly, she decided to quit the serial because of the unprofessional behavior!!  And she decided to quit, guess, they changed the whole story to an bizarre ending of killing the main character, the heroin of serial, then not showing the justice to the other characters, ending it, without any meaning to the whole thing, they started off, not even showing how the heroin was killed and why was she killed!!

So the weekend was the last episode!  And thats how today I was bit sad and had nothing to watch while eating my lunch!! Well, for Indian culture and Society, marrying an older girl, having baby before marriage, is all kind of revolutionary and still our society do not accept whole heartedly, though many things have changed!  And this was a bold step in showing that kind of revolutionary thing and people were accepting the things they were showing....even my mom's generation, the way they used to react and feel sorry for the girl's situation, was incredible!!!! The message was so effective and highly influential in narrating the whole thing and giving a whole new perspective about marriage and the situations, which we unknowingly fall into.....!  But suddenly ending without any meaning or justice to the unbelievable! Its sad that how these Directors and Producers play with people's emotions and time!!

Anyways....thanks for reading the whole thing, bit long, but had to write it, else you would not understand what I am expressing here! Okay lets move on!  I would like to share the recipe of "Paddu"or "Gundponglu"or "paniyaram"!!  To be honest with you, let me google and find out what that means, since its a new thing to me, I had not eaten when I was a kid! But the recipe is my aunt's(my mom's sister), who is expert in finding all the new recipes and sharing with all of us and she has motivated me many times to cook new things!  So this is her recipe, which I tried over the weekend, after watching my favorite serial last episode, which had a sad ending, but Paddu came out good and so my evening was a happy ending!  Well, google says that, its a South Indian dish, when kids used to get bored or complained of eating dosas, they found a new way to make kids eat, which was called as "Paddu or Gundponglu or Paniyaram"!  Its typically the same dosa batter but its steamed and cooked differently!

But my aunt gave me a different recipe to make, which is made of "Sabudana or Sago"! Sabudana or Sago is made from Tapioca root, which has a long history in Indian traditional medicine and is very low in fat content!

Sabudana or Sago Payasa is very famous and it was one of my favorite dessert when I was a kid!!  So after so many years I was hearing about Sabudana Paddu, sounded very interesting and thought of trying it out!  My husband loved it but my kids just gave a try for the first round and when asked for the second time they said "I am good, thanks amma"!! Well, Sabudana or Sago is an acquired taste, if you like sticky spongy kind of texture then you would love Sabudana!! Ultimately me and my husband finished off the whole thing!

Here goes the recipe, give it a try, whether you are a fan of Sabudana or not, no harm in it!!


Sabudana/Sago 1 cup
Rice flour - 1 Table spoon
Yogurt/curds  as required
Green chiles as per taste
Salt as per taste
Onions 3 small or 2 medium
Coriander and Curry leaves


Soak Sabudana/Sago in yogurt/curds for 8 hours.  Let it not be on the liquid side while soaking.  After 8 hours add rice flour, finely chopped green chillies, finely chopped onions, salt, finely chopped coriander and curry leaves, with water, to a Idli consistency! Not too on runny side!

Grease the "Paddu" Tava,( you get a different kind of tava for that, as you seen in my above picture)  and as soon as the lava gets warm, put spoon full of the batter and close the lid and cook on a medium heat slowly! When the bottom gets brown, turn them to the other side and cook well!  Enjoy with spicy chutney!  I had made coriander chutney! 

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