Friday, June 1, 2012

Hoornada Obbattu

I know it's been a while that I blogged.....but sometimes in life you just keep running around things, that, you might not have a motivation to sit and write! But today thought I will write and get connected with my readers!

 I dropped my younger daughter to school and was driving back home and had to stop at the signal light, there were 3 cars in front of me. So I just closed my eyes thinking that I can afford to close for few seconds! Closing my eyes I tried to draw a line and heard honk sound and opened my eyes to see that, all the 3 cars in front of me were gone! There was a huge truck behind me and I apologized and moved forward!

 Came home and got busy with the day's routine but my mind was stuck on drawing a line!  I was not able to draw a line and was wondering how,where and when I should draw a line! I think you can help me in drawing a line, since I am sure every parent will be going through this phase of drawing line or lines!!

  We, me and my husband, often have discussions on drawing a line when it comes to kids! So now you must have understood why drawing a line was a serious issue for me!

 As a parent you feel so happy, proud when your 5 year old kid can read a book, or your 7 year old kid's Piano teacher appreciate and says "excellent"! OK, forget about reading or Piano, when your kid comes and says "Oh,I love you so much and you work so hard for us and your cooking is awesome"!! You feel that your life is complete and that's the biggest achievement in life.

 So when you are so happy, you will express, you would love to express.  Expressing appreciation and recognising will make kids grow healthier,and make them feel confident and good about themselves and achieve more in life.

 And sometimes instead of verbal appreciation you might want to give something to them, which will make them excited and happy.  So that is the beginning or that is when drawing a line starts!  Yeah, you feel super excited about what ever the kids do and you feel like expressing that just not in words but in buying toys or dress or even small, little things make them so happy. Even a small sticker of their favorite TV character, makes them happy and excited! And to see that kind of sparkling in their eyes, which is priceless you would go ahead and do that kind of buying.

 But it might start to land up on a serious issue, and when ever we go out for shopping, kids might expect that we might buy something or when ever they do something nice they will get something! And that might lead to, not knowing the value of money,things, or parents!?

 Here  exactly comes the phrase "drawing a line" and saying "no" and being strict and not buying stuff for them! But it is hard to figure out when and how to stop or when and where to draw this line of saying no or stopping, at least for me, it's hard!

 I feel, that,  they are so good and well behaved and why not pamper them!!???? when a 5 year old can say "I know you work so hard for us"...........well, that little head can recognise and express in words, what else is there to teach or make understand about the values! You might say, does a 5 year old really mean what all he says, may not be, at the same time, even if you sit and teach them, it's only a little they can understand!

 When ever we go out for shopping, there is one particular store when we used to go there, we got them popcorn and there is a famous coffee shop where you get kids hot chocolate and it began like when ever we go to those particular place, kids themselves started asking for popcorn and hot chocolate!!!!

 Well, now if you say that, the kid cannot understand or know the value and everytime wants popcorn or hot chocolate.........I will say that, who introduced and showed it in the first place, and it's a natural thing to ask!

 Buying little things, gives lot of pleasure,happiness,helps in creating a strong bond and understanding! Stickers or note pads, fancy pens, small toys, does not harm if you buy them every now and then, still you can make your kids to understand the value and still you can draw a line and things can be under control!!

 Hope you agree with me or please let me know if there is any other way to draw a line.  This was a serious topic so let's change the topic and make it sweet and delicious! Today I like to share, the most yummiest Indian desert,Obbattu, which is little complicated and time consuming to make, but you will feel it's worth spending that much of time and energy once in a way and enjoy the dessert! There are 2-3 kinds of obbattu and I have shared kai obbattu already and today I am going to write the recipe of bele obbattu.  I was looking for this recipe over the internet and after going through many of them, I came to my own version of bele obbattu recipe.  The tricky part is in making the dough, so I was not sure, whether it's going to come nicely or not, so did not take step by step pictures, but took one picture at the end, when it came out really good!  So here goes the recipe, try this and enjoy!


For Hoorna
Chana Dhal 1 cup
Jaggery 1 to 1 1/2 cup or adjust according to taste
Cardamom 5-6

For Dough
All purpose flour(madia) 1 cup
Semolina (sooji or Rawa) 1/2 cup
Ghee 1/4 cup
Oil to cook
Poppy seeds(ghas ghase) 1 Tbsp


 Combine all purpose flour and semolina in a big bowl and add 1 or 2 Tbsp ghee and mix with water to make a soft dough. If half a cup of water is not enough, you can add little bit more.   Kneed for 15-20 mins and keep it aside for 2 hours.

 Pressure cook chana dhal with plenty of water until one whistle.  It's very important that chana dhal is not completely mashed and very soft. So cooking until one whistle is enough.  Strain the excess water from the cooked dhal and preserve it to make tasty rasam with the dhal water, it's called in our local language as hoorna kattida saaru!

 Spread the cooked dhal on the kitchen towel so that it becomes completely dry and it's totally cooled.  Once its dry, grind jaggery,cooked dhal and cardamom in a mixer WITHOUT adding any water.  It will come out as a firm hoorna.

  Now divide the dough into big marble size and roll it with the rolling pin, as you do for chapathi, use liberal amounts of ghee while rolling the dough.  Keep a small lemon size hoorna in the middle and bring all the sides together, you can dip your fingers in ghee and do this.  And after you bring all the sides together, flatten them with your fingers, starting from the edge towards the center into a thin flat, round circular shape.

 Now heat the griddle, and cook the obbattu on a medium heat, putting liberal amounts of oil or ghee, on both sides, turning gently.  Once the obbattu is done, you can sprinkle some poppy seeds and remove from the griddle.

 Serve either hot or cold with ghee and enjoy!  I will post the recipe for hoorna kattida saaru in my next blog.

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