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 Happy New Year to all of my readers and thank you for supporting and encouraging me to write. It's been a while, I blogged and today I thought I should just do it and get connected with my readers.

  My kids goes to after school Math and Reading program, and they are liking it and learning a lot.  It's twice a week and they get home work for the rest of the week. After certain level kids will be doing the work on their own and if needed teachers will be there to assist, but the basic idea is to do work independently and the work should be finished in 20-25 mins, depending on what level they are doing. All kinds of cultural groups of people come there and majority is Asians!

 So while they are doing their work, parents wait outside, in the waiting area, trying hard not to disturb the kids!  They have a board "Great minds at work,please be silent and silence your cell phones"! But it's human nature.......still the phone rings and some people just grab the phone and go outside to talk and others, do not even bother to get out of the chair!

 So last week when I was waiting for my kids......a elderly person came inside with a cup of coffee, there is a coffee shop in the same building and people usually get coffee from there, after the kids goes inside to do their math and/or reading.  And I have seen this elderly person when I go there, having coffee always.  And that day also, guess his grand kids went inside and he got himself coffee and came and sat in the chair.  In the middle chair, nobody was sitting and next to that, a guy was sitting with his Ipad.

 So this elderly person started to look what the guy was doing in the Ipad!  And the guy started to look at the elderly person, but he did not understand why he was looking at him, but he continued to peep into his Ipad.  The guy started to get irritated and he showed his irritation by swinging his head to side ways and changing his positions..........but none of them were understood by the elderly gentlemen and further leaned on the other chair, so that he can see the Ipad properly and was enjoying his coffee!!!!!!

  By that time, guess, the coffee was over, he went and threw the cup and while coming back to his chair, he had a loud long burp!!!!!!!!!! And this time he came and sat next to the guy with Ipad so that he do not have to lean to look into his Ipad, and suddenly the guy got off from his chair and said "Jesus, Oh my God" and pushed the door and went out!

 Well.........there were some 10 people sitting so silently watching the whole did not know what and how to react to this.......I saw people trying to hide their laugh! And above all, the elderly person, did not even understand what happened and he just closed his eyes and started to doze.......!

 Hmm.........I always take a book with me and read while I wait for my kids to finish their work and never lift my head, until kids come out.  But that day, it was raining and I had to manage, umbrella,kids bag etc, so I left the book in the van, since I did not want my library book to get wet! So I happened to witness the whole scene and started to think about human nature, the upbringing,culture,sophistication!

 We, Indians are generally very caring,affectionate and we always lend a helping hand to others! We always share ours and listen to others issues or problems.  We are never, like, mind our business, types! We do tend to show curiosity in other people lives and basically I always thought it's human nature to be curious!

 So I guess, that elderly person was generally curious to see what he was doing and I think he was playing a game on Ipad, which of course has become like a epidemic disease now, according to me.  Everybody has a Ipad, most of them playing games on that. And in general curiosity the elderly person must have peeped into it, without having any ill or bad intentions.

 Burping loud.........well, I too dislike that, but getting up and going out, was little too much of a reaction, according to my opinion!

 When you are in a public place, you tend to see, meet, people with different looks,expressions,behaviour and some talk loud.......!

 I have been in this country for more than 10 years now and understand that people do not bother or interfere with other people life. And everything seems to be sort of superficial and they do take breaks from their own family people to be alone and have fun and they call it as peaceful time and relaxation. They have limitations to what ever they do regarding their kids or parents or siblings......! To say it one word, they are self-centered and give lot of self importance!

 I am not criticizing the behaviour or culture but I am just analysing........and it is not the question of right or wrong, it is only how you are and what you think, that is all to it!

 Anyways.........if I had the book that day, all these analysis would not have happened, I would have just mind my business! But still, if somebody else is reading a book, as a human nature, I might want to know, what book it is and peep into the book...........LOL, but from now on I will be careful! But I am sure I will not burp loud!

 OK, coming back to my I like to share a tasty snack, which compared to chips or pakodas, can be considered as healthy, since it's not a deep fried snack.  It's my mom's recipe and I like to share that with you, my kids really likes it very much.

 Generally I do not listen to my husband!!!!! But today I thought let listen to him and do what he said! He always asks me, why do I need to do a picture collage instead I can just put the final picture but I like to do a collage of all the possible steps for a recipe.  Today I listened to him and not made any collage but just put the picture of "Chooda"!

 I am not sure, many people may call it differently, but I know this as "Chooda", which is a great snack on any day with tea or coffee. So here goes the recipe, hope you will enjoy Chooda, with a cup of coffee or tea, while you watch your favorite show on TV or reading a nice book!


Pooha (Very thin) 3 cups
Dry coconut 1/2 cup
Red chillies  8-10 (Or adjust according to taste)
Peanuts or Cashews
Salt to taste
Sugar 1/4 tsp
Oil   1 Tbsp
Mustard seeds
Turmeric 1/2 Tsp
Few Curry leaves


  In a deep pan heat the oil and add mustard seeds and when it starts to pop up, add asafoetida,turmeric, red chillies, curry leaves,peanuts or cashews and fry them on a light flame, making sure that peanuts or cashews will not turn black.  Once they are done, add the pooha and turn the flame to sim and mix well, making sure that all the ingredients are mixed well with pooha and then salt and sugar, again mix well and then add the dry coconut and mix well.  Before taking off turn the heat to medium for a minute mix well and take out from heat and store it in a air tight container.

  You get 2-3 varieties of pooha in Patel Brothers.  The one which says Pooha thin and it's slightly bigger than the other varieties, is the one used for chooda.


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