Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tomato Soup

We used to live in NY, before we moved to NJ. I used to work in Manhattan and since I am a hardcore vegetarian I used to pack my lunch everyday. One day I was not well and it was winter, very cold and snowy day, and I could not eat my lunch, as I was not well. My colleague insisted and took me to a soup place and got me a sweet corn soup. It soothed my soar throat but I did not like it much. I always like tomato based soup. My mom now a days cannot cook as much as she used to do before so there is a cook in my mom's place, and she is a awesome cook and she makes tomato soup which sort of reminds you of Thai soup. So I would love to share the recipe with you today and here it goes.

Serves 3-4 people

5 medium size very ripe tomatoes
1/2 cup coconut powder
3-4 pods of garlic
1 Tsp Red chilli powder(adjust according to taste)
1/2 Tsp Sugar
Salt to taste
Few Corainder leaves

Roughly chop tomatoes and boil it with red chilli powder adding little water. Boil until the tomatoes are tender and soft. And allow it to cool. And when its cool blend with garlic,coconut,sugar and salt. No need to add water while blending in the mixer.

Strain after blending. And boil the soup for 5 mins. Garnish with 2-3 corainder leaves and serve hot.

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