Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kolkotte or Ukkarisida Kadabu

Soon it will be November! And that will make one year of me not blogging and keep in touch with my dear readers! That's not fair nor that was my intention! Each and every day I used to miss blogging but somehow  could not sit down and write my thoughts and feelings! Well, I blame it on electronic gadgets!

Well, you must be thinking what gadgets has to do with my blogging! Yes, there is a direct connection, which we are not able to see that how it's making people more selfish,self centered, more aloof and disconnected with everyone! It's something like abstract thing spreading all over the world, which is making people to disconnect with their near and dear ones, though technology claims that, it's getting people much closer and helping to stay connected! Which actually is not true.

I like to put my thoughts about how these variety of gadgets is actually making people disconnected with the world, here by giving myself as an example! If I did not have  IPad,Mac Book Pro,IPhone I guess I would write and express more myself often.  Half of the time is spent on browsing social networking websites to see who is doing what! Which is neither required nor you get anything out of it! It's just waste of time, your mental peace and your energy! Instead if you hit the Gym, you would have worked out and felt better and relaxed. But you are more curious to know what's going on in somebody's else life all the time!

Well, you might say, then social networking websites need to be blamed not the gadgets, because even to write this blog and sharing my thoughts with you,also need a gadget! Yes, I totally agree and I am not denying it! But if you had only a desk top computer and nothing else, then how many times you would have logged on to peep what's going on? That reduces to some 80% of logging on to these websites! Since you do not have time to sit in one place just to check things which are not important or essential!

Since you have iPads,Iphones, it's so much easy to keep on checking and updating your status, even while driving,while eating,even when you are in the bathroom......well, my husband's hands are always busy meddling with Ipad,he just cannot resist that he even takes Ipad to the bathroom! He travels a lot for his work and he is home hardly for 3 days, and those 3 days, I always see his head bending and always glasses on looking at the iPad! Now I realise that I have not seen his face properly from a long time...and I bet he would not have seen neither mine nor kids face properly! So busy!

Last week we were all going together to one of our friend's house and while driving my husband started to tell this story......"When I went to London this time,I was sitting in a restaurant and right across my table a couple was sitting and they talked only to order food,the rest of the time they were so busy texting or doing something on their iPhones...."! Suddenly I said, "So what else new in our house"!? He just looked in the rare mirror,since I was sitting behind and became silent! Haha, he must have felt, why did I bring up this topic!

I have seen most of my friends, even while talking to me, they are so busy looking at their Iphones constantly and I used to wonder, WOW,do they get so many emails! Last week one of my friend was talking to me and she was busy meddling with her phone and suddenly I guess she realised that the conversation was not going anywhere and asked me, "Do you play Candy Crush on Facebook" and I said "no"! She said its very interesting and she sent me a request also for that game. I, as a matter of principle have disabled all the games and apps so that I will not get into that crazy urge to play all the time!

But this time got curious and accepted the invitation and started playing it and only to realise that I was unknowingly doing it at the early beautiful morning 6.40, on a weekday! I wake up very early to cook lunch for my kids and do Yoga and other stuff, and if I have still time to wake up my kids to go to school, I just sit for couple of minutes quickly "only" to browse emails,that's all!

But when I got that couple of mins to sit, I started to play this game! That's the height! That game tell's how and at what level you are playing and your friends will know about it. I am sure my brother and my husband would be wondering what happened to "Bindu", that she is playing early in the morning!?

As I realised this I just disabled the game! I do not want to fall pray to these things which actually makes you far away from your own people! I over heard a conversation last weekend when I was watching Soccer game, my girls play soccer, that, "Me,my wife,my daughter all sit together in the dinner table and we all have our own IPads and it's atleast a good thing that we are sitting together"!

WOW! That's the height! So I strongly discourage various kind of gadgets at home, instead go for a walk together, eat dinner together,without holding or keeping your IPad or Iphone with you,watch TV together,well,we were watching movie,but my husband was browsing IPad! Forget everything, just look eye to eye......which you make you keep you connected with each other,not these gadgets!

I am hoping that after reading my thoughts, you might agree or atleast give a thought about this? I am so relieved today that I was able to express this, since I was feeling guilty of not able to write and I admit my mistake and promise you that I will stay connected with you all the time!

So on this happy note, since it's a long time I would love to share a dessert, one of the yummiest recipe, which of course is little bit of effort and I call it as team work. It's called as "Kolkotte or Ukkarisida Kadabu"! It's my favorite and I am sure it's everyone's favorite who ever has eaten this. So here goes the recipe, the recipe is my brother's! This time when I visited India, he had made this and it turned out to be awesome and the picture I have posted above is from my mom's kitchen! After I came back, I also tried with the help of my husband and MIL and it came out well too. I hope you will try this too!


For Dough

1 Cup Rice Flour
1 or 1/12 cup of Water

For hoorna (for filling)Sweet

1 cup grated coconut
1 or 1/2 cup of jaggery (or depending upon taste)
1 Tsp of ghee

For Spicy filling

1/2 Cup Channa dal
5 Tbsp grated Coconut
Green chillies (according to taste)
Salt according to taste


Soak Channa dal for 2-3 hours and drain the water and grind with green chillies,salt and coconut to a smooth paste! And please remember NOT to add water while grinding.

In a non stick pan (preferably non stick), add both coconut and jaggery and put it on a medium flame and keep stirring continuously until all the moisture evaporates and leaves the pan sides and now ghee and mix well and turn off the heat and allow it to cool down.

In a big vessel, make sure it's deep vessel, boil the water, as it starts boiling, add rice flour and stir continuously, so that there are no lumps, then close the lid and lower the heat.  You can see a kind of white fog or flame coming and then open the lid and stir thoroughly, the dough would have left the sides and formed the shape of a ball. Then turn off the heat and transfer it into a different bowl and allow to cool down a little bit.

Now knead the dough well and the important thing is do not leave dough to cool for a long time,since it becomes hard and dry! Even if its warm, knead well and make small balls and roll it using rolling pin,as you would do for pooris.  Fill in with hoorna, which is now already cooled and fold it and make sure the hoorna or the filling is not coming out.  Do the same with the rest of the dough. Follow the same method for the spicy filling too.

And as you are done filling with some 10 kadabus, I usually put it in the idli stand, but you can use any container, to arrange all the kadabus and steam in the cooker for 7-8 mins.

Serve hot with ghee on top and enjoy the most delicious and healthy and both spicy as well as dessert! Now you understand why it's a team work, you need 2-3 people to work together to done all the things together! Enjoy!

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