Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dahi Puri

  I usually don't watch much TV shows, because of kids, but I watch one reality show, "America Got Talent"!  Well, I watch this show, not because it's something special or great, but I watch it because I like the judges of this show!  I like the way they analyse and judge the performance of the contestants.

  If you prove yourself that you have a really good, extra ordinary talent, then you will be given one million dollars and a show as the headline on the Las Vegas strip! So this show is not particular for only singers or dancers , anybody can participate this, like magicians, singers, dancers, comedians and any age, the youngest being a 5 year old to 75 year old, playing harmonica!!

  And each and every act I see, I start to feel that, is this a million dollar worth act or is this a Vegas act?? And one of the judges, Howie Mandel, express frankly that, yeah you are really talented but at this point I don't think this is a million dollar act or this can be a Vegas act, where people want to buy tickets and watch your show or act!

 Well, I feel that for every act, since, I don't ever feel that any act is worth of million dollars!  I only see, contestants only aim is to win million dollars and for that sake many of the acts are so bizarre, weird, silly and some of them take life risk by riding a cycle on a rope or hanging upside down on a huge metal saw......!

 Well, that does not make one feel, "WOW"! Now the show has entered the semi finals and till now I am unable to connect with any of the act or contestants unlike, American Idol, a reality show, where one of the singers will be selected as the best singer in the country and there is  age limit 16-28 years!  Where you can really connect with singers, feeling WOW, if your favourite singer is moved to next level or feel sorry if he or she is eliminated.....! And once I had voted 10 times for my favourite singer, who became American Idol.

 On America Got Talent show, anybody can come and sometimes I wonder it's such a waste of time for the judges and also the viewers, to watch an act which is so silly or nothing to talk about!

 And above all can a 5 year old girl or boy who sings fantastic for his/her age, go and sing as a headliner for the Vegas show?  Is that the right thing for a kid to do? And when you know that a 5 year old cannot win the show, why do you want to encourage and finally the kid is definitely going to be disappointed and sad.  And I am sure at that age, kids cannot understand, winning is not the ultimate thing and every body cannot win and just because you loose it does not mean that you don't have talent or you are not good.  I don't think kids can understand all these things.

 I am just curious to know for whom America is going to vote as "talented" and who is going to win the million dollars and a Vegas show! Thats the reason I am still watching the show and feels sometimes sad and sometimes feel foolish, silly for the contestants who try so hard in each and every way, physically, mentally and emotionally!  There are contestants who try to emotionally sort of blackmail (Well, I consider it as blackmail),by telling that their act is dangerous or they have some terminal disease or they come from a really poor family.....!

 Well, talent is the only thing to be taken granted in these shows, not sympathy, right!? And as one of the judges, Howie Mandel says, I did not feel any "WOW factor" in your act, is only the important for the show! I just liked the expression "WOW factor"! That's so true, you should feel WOW, that's when the act is considered as extra ordinary!

  So I feel "WOW factor" for Chaats! Well, suddenly did you feel hungry or felt mouth watered! Yes, everybody will feel the same about the Chaats!  Chaat is a plate of savoury snacks typically served at road side track from stalls or carts in India.  The word Chaat derives from Hindi, means, tasting, a delicacy.

 Today I like to share one the Chaats, which you can make at home and enjoy, as much as you would enjoy on the road side! Here in USA, we cannot get the chaats, on the road side, and every where and always, so I thought of trying it out at home and which came out well.  So I would like to share the recipe with you, though a Chaat, can be made according to individual tastes and preferences.

 So today I am going to write about Dahi puri, which is very delicious, and rich in protein! Dahi means yogurt, in hindi.


Baked or deep fried puris - 1 packet(This you can get in Indian grocery stores)
1 large onion
2 potatoes
1/2 cup Sprouts of Moong(green gram dhal)
1 cup yogurt
1 Tsp Chaat masala
1 Tsp Chili powder
Sweet and Sour Chutney(Which you can get in Indian grocery stores)
Pinch of Salt
1 Tbsp Sugar


  Soak green gram dhal or moong, for 10 hours in water and drain and tie the moong in a towel tightly and keep it aside for sprouting. It might take 10-12 hours to sprout depending on the weather conditions. Here in USA, I used to hardly see the sprouts on the moong, just a white mark on the moon, even if I have left for more than 12 hours.  So this time when I went to India, I got a sprout maker, which now I saw in Patel Brothers also.  That makes excellent sprouts.  Soak the moong for 10 hours and then drain and put that in the sprout maker and you will have the moong sprouts in 10-12 hours!

 So when you are ready with the sprouts, then start preparing for the Dahi puri.  Chop finely the onions and cook the potatoes in the pressure cooker and peel the skin and mash it thoroughly.

 Blend yogurt with a pinch of salt and 1 Tbsp of sugar.  Make sure that the yogurt is not too thick nor too thin.

 Now, take each puri, which you can get in Indian grocery store, and make a small hole with your finger and fill it with onions,potatoes,sprouts,sweet and sour chutney and arrange them on a plate.

 Once you fill up then pour the yogurt on all the puris and sprinkle chili powder,chat masala and start eating and enjoy the dahi puri, feeling "WOW"!

 Now, how much of sweet and sour chutney, how much of chili powder,chat masala, is all up to individual taste and preferences! Enjoy!

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