Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The funny part of blogging, I observed myself this time was..........! Sunday night kids went to bed early arround 8.45 and after putting them to bed we decided to have our dinner. But my husband was very very tired of doing built-ins in our newly finished basement and he said that he was very hungry also. I had prepared for Adai, and started to make Adai. And suddenly it occurred to me that I should take pictures so that I can post that on my blog. So I made Adai and then started to take pictures and once I felt that I have taken enough pictures from which I can select one of them, I turned to my husband to give the plate, and saw that he had a big smile on his face!! He was tired and very hungry and he was waiting for me to serve him, but instead I was taking pictures for my blog!! WOW! If something gets into you, no matter what, it will keep you going.........!

Anyways, here goes the most authentic recipe of Adai, which of course is my mom's, which I am going to share with you now. Adai is the most delicious and rich in protein dish. It has all the lentils(dals) and rice,coconut. And also the most comforting, for the people who love rice and lentils(dal)! So here goes the recipe.


1 measure Rice

1 measure of all the four Dals(lentils)

Thoor dal

Urad dal

channa dal

Moong dal

4 Green chillies(adjust acc to taste)

4 Red chillies(adjust acc to taste)

1/4 Tsp Turmeric

Salt to taste

1/4 cup coconut

2 onions

1/4 cup Yogurt

Oil for cooking


All the dals combined together should come to 1 measure. Soak rice and the rest of the dals(lentils), for 6-8 hours and drain water and grind coarsely with red and green chillies,salt,turmeric, add little water. And put that in a container. To that add finely chopped onions and coconut and mix well. If you are making it later put the batter in the refrigerator.

Before making adai, add yogurt and mix well. The batter consistency would be little thick and its not like dosa batter.

Heat the Pan(tava) well and spread the adai batter nicely and make3-4 small holes from back of a spoon and put oil arround the adai and cook on a high heat. Adai takes more time to cook that dosas, and if you don't have patience adai will not be cooked thoroughly.

You can lift little bit and see that adai, has gotten brown and then turn arround to cook on the other side, leave it for few minutes and then turn arround to see that the other side is also cooked.

Serve hot! Adai does not require any chutneys, since its very tasty and spicy! You can eat with jaggery if you like it, first time when I saw my uncle eating that way, I was like "oh my god"! But now I love to eat adai with jaggery, even my brother and my husband loves to eat adai with jaggery! Enjoy!

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  1. missing gandhi bazaar? what happened to the bakery where kamal hassan was there?

    too many adais, turmoil in the stomach hushaar!