Sunday, July 19, 2009

A visit to Crayola Factory

Yesterday we went to Crayola Factory. Both of my kids enjoyed so much there and had lot of fun. I was really amazed that they have created so much fun there for kids, that they had fun whole day. There are 4 floors and in each floor there is lot of different activity for kids. They have clay modelling, finger painting on one floor and some craft. One major interesting and exciting thing is, kids can take home what ever they have done, painting or clay models or the craft and that makes them exciting.

And it was so crowded that I never could imagine that it could be so crowded. You could see either parents with kids or grand parents with their grand kids, running around with the kids from place to another. 90% of the kids were around the age of 1-5 years but there were kids up to 12 years of age.

Every where one thing was common, the digital cameras clicking and parents pleading "say cheese" and getting frustrated when kids did not co-operate!! That was really funny!

Well what was I doing???? I was doing the same stuff with my kids, running behind them and taking pictures.....! My elder daughter who is four and a half was so excited that she was running around from place to another playing and enjoying all the activities. My younger one, who is two years two months, also enjoyed but after some time she stayed behind, enjoying her lollipop and sitting in her stroller and watching the people.

My husband who is very much interest in painting and art work and he also has the artistic nature took my elder one around and I stayed behind them watching them and everybody and taking pictures where they went and what ever they did.

There was lots and lots of crayons and papers and my daughters were so happy seeing them. But the funny part is we have a mini crayola factory in our house!! When ever we went out for shopping we have got different kinds of crayons and every time it would be warning them this is the last time we are buying this for you guys and if you don't put it back in the proper place, you are not going to get it anymore!!

That's very funny, but we have not still stopped buying it!!! Even before we left, when my daughter eagerly asked "Appa(daddy, in our language we call daddy as appa) are we going to buy some crayons today"? My husband answer "NO, today we are not going to buy any crayons"! And he was looking at me when he said that!!!! Well I got the message! But when we were done with all the fun, my husband asked do you guys want to visit the store?? But he did not look at me, avoiding to look that I was laughing! And he got them again the crayons, paint etc!

We had packed "Bisi bele bath" for lunch and we ate there and went back in again. The other fun part was the finger painting. I was little tired and I was sitting in a place with my camera and with my younger one watching the people....!

Every parent were so excited about their kids finger painting, they took pictures and saved the painting with so much of care! But what did the kids paint, nothing!! The whole paper was full of orange paint that's all!!!!

Even my daughter did the same and my husband got it with so much of pride and I took the picture as though its so important moment in our life!

The most intersting thing is, that I never had realised was, I have been taking pictures the day my elder daughter was born and it has now increased after my second daughter was born! And I always save that on my hard disk as well on Picasa. But these days I was worried that if my computer crash, more than anything else my pictures will be gone. So my husband ordered online for a tera byte external device, where I can transfer all my stuff into that external device.

And he helped me by transfering all my stuff and he said that there was 4,300 photos!!!!!!!! Gosh! What if my computer crashed!! I would have lost all my precious moments, which cannot be measured or nothing can replace such precious photos!

So I have made a collage of all the pictures and posted here!

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