Monday, June 29, 2009

Huli Pudi or Sambar Powder

Usually I get all my powders,Rasam,Sambar,Bisibelebath and Vangibath powders from my house, actually my brother Fedex it over night and it comes here in 2-3 days! That tradition has been going on since my first daughter was born, now almost 5 years, since I would not have time to make powders!

This time when I went to India, I got all the powders and 2 days back the Sambar powder or Hulli pudi, as you call that in Kannada language, was over. And without powders its hard to cook. So this weekend I made some Sambar powder or Hulli pudi, myself after really long time!!

I did not even tell my mom that the powder got over, because my mom would make it and my brother would send it again and I really feel humble to get it fedex from there! Its way too expensive! But love,affection and caring cannot be measured or weighed!! Thats how my family is, always there for me!!

So here goes the recipe, which is my mom's recipe, it came out very nice actually!


2 cups Channa Dal
3/4 cup of Urad Dal
1 cup of Coriander seeds(dhania)
1 1/2 cup of Red chilles(I mix Salem and Byadigi variety to get both spicy and colour)
1/2 cup of coconut(Designated coconut)
1/4 Tsp of oil
1/2 inch of Cinamon stick


Take a frying pan and put Channa dal and dry roast it. Make sure that Channa dal wont turn black, fry on a medium to low heat, until it turns golden brown and transfer it into a bowl.

Then dry fry Urad dal, until it turns to light brown and transfer it to the bowl.

Dry fry the coriander seeds, until the aroma starts to come. My mother never fries coriander seeds unil the colour changes! She says that it looses its flavour and taste.

Now put oil and fry the cinamon until the aroma arises and transfer that to the bowl. Now fry the red chilles. Before you fry the red chilles break the chilles in to half or so that its easy to fry and grind later. Fry until the colour changes, but not to black colour!

After transfering the red chilles into the bowl, add the designated coconut and fry until light golden brown and you get awesome aroma, do that on a low heat so that it wont turn black and immeditely transfer it into the bowl.

Allow all the ingredients to cool and grind in the mixer for a fine powder and store it in a air tight container!

It always depends on how many times in a week you use Sambar powder, for me to tell how many days/months this powder lasts. For me I do once a week Sambar and it lasts me upto 3 months!

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